ECOKT – digital up-skilling platform for young unemployed.

In 2015 the European Commission’s Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) issued a call for proposals for the implementation of a €2m pilot project called the European Commission Open Knowledge Technologies (ECOKT) – Digital Up-skilling Platform for Young Unemployed. The platform aims to bridge the gap between the digital skills of the young unemployed in Europe and changing needs of the European labour market. A €2m co-funding grant was available to support the development of the project over 2 years and the competition for this substantial grant was very intense.


Consortium of Expertise France, Siveco (Romania), Lai Momo (Italy) and Dara Creative (Ireland)


EU Funded Projects


  • Set up the bid team, collaboration process and tools to work remotely
  • Developed a Project Vision that exceeded the project objectives and scope
  • Defined each partner’s core strengths and Positioning Strategy for the offer
  • Created an innovative User Led Methodology and Project Based Learning approach
  • Defined the Platforms’ key target audiences and a strong Value Proposition
  • Provided technical expertise and copywriting for the Technical Offer
  • Coordinated the preparation of the Grant Budget between the partners
  • Managed the preparation, design and production of the grant proposal
  • Provided consultancy to finalise the grant contract post award decision


We helped the Consortium to win the Call for Proposals and secure the
€2m grant to develop the pilot project over 2 years.