How can Tender Team help you when it comes to tendering for new work? There are lots of ways we can help, but to make life easy we have packaged our services into five simple steps to tender success.

ONE → Tender Training

Would you like to learn more about tendering? We often run public training courses that are CPD approved. Attending one of our training courses could help you understand an area of tendering better, or increase your confidence in presenting your company to potential clients. We also provide in-house tender training tailored to your needs; whether it is coaching the presentation team, or understanding the red tape of pre-qualifying.

TWO → Tender Review 

How successful is your company in winning work? Do you win one in five tenders for example? Could you improve your company’s win rates? We can analyse your previous tenders and determine where you can increase your marks for quality, discuss pricing with you, and help you understand what public sector buyers really want from you as a supplier.

THREE → Tender Systems

How good are your in-house systems for dealing with the short deadlines attached to a tender? Do you find yourself scrambling once a tender is published? Do you make a Go/Stop decision? We can provide you with an in-house system review and help you put procedures in place to make the tendering process more streamlined and efficient and ultimately saving you money.

FOUR → Tender Management 

Are multiple promising tenders published at the same time? Do you struggle to manage the process for more than one tender and fail to meet deadlines? Tender Team can provide you with a bid manager to work with you and your team. We can hold kick-off meetings and manage the entire tender process from gaining the necessary inputs to supporting design thus ensuring a competitive tender is achieved by the deadline.

FIVE → Tender Support

Do you tender infrequently? Do you find it difficult to have the right resources available once a tender is published? Getting up to speed on what is required to tender, and how to structure your response can be time consuming and daunting. Tender Team can provide the skilled support that you need without the daily overhead of a full time in-house bid manager. We can help you to maximize your company’s capacity while also optimising efficiencies.

What level of service does your company need? Check out our new streamlined processes for more information.