Tender Team’s Eoin Lonergan is delighted to be a guest speaker at the upcoming Whitepaper conference ‘Awarding Public Contracts Skilfully and Lawfully within the Procurement Rules’ on 28th September 2022 in Dublin.

For tickets please visit:  https://whitepaper.co.uk/conferences/procdub22

These will answer questions such as:

Awarding public contracts skilfully and lawfully within the procurement rules

How do you rescue the situation if the value of the contract reaches and exceeds the thresholds and you need to vary?

How do you incorporate carbon and climate metrics into tender documents, that ensure fairness and equity across bidders?

Where are the limits to transparency and full disclosure from the outset, including possible breaches of confidence and prejudicing retenders?

What mechanisms can mitigate the risk of rising costs and fluctuating prices, including energy and stakeholder concerns about going to market?

What are the differences, risks and advantages of the Competitive Flexible Procedure?

How do you decide if a tender is abnormally low, and what do you do if it is, supported by practical examples of borderline cases?

How do you control – and overcome – the problems with early contractor involvement, e.g. pre-market testing or specification writing, so you reap the benefits without conferring an advantage?